If you blinked at any point during the last 12 months, chances are you’ll have missed several vital chapters of Hadouken! history. In fact, so hectic-paced has their ascension to the top flight been, that the last 6 months alone has seen them rocking sold-out crowds on a 30-date UK tour (which took in a blistering show at London’s Astoria), causing all-out war in the music press with the release of their 11 track ‘Not Here To Please You’ USB Mixtape, building an insanely devoted online fanbase (87,900 myspace friends and counting), alienating a load of trad-rock bores, inspiring a whole range of DIY clothing, demolishing a million and one pigeonholes, and growing into one of the most forward-thinking bands in the country. After months of hardcore grafting in the studio, Hadouken! are poised to unleash the first official single to be taken from their debut album – ‘Declaration of War’ will be released on April 28th. ‘Declaration’ is inarguably a huge tune showcasing a bigger, resolutely ambitious Hadouken! sound that sets the track apart as a future smash. Yet despite the rapid-paced technical and creative leaps the band have so obviously made in the past year, ‘Declaration’ goes a sizeable distance towards capturing the spirit of Hadouken!’s earliest recordings – the inky depths, raw urbanity and fresh production of tracks like ‘That Boy That Girl’ that began working fans and industry folk into an almighty lather, just over 12 months ago. It’s a vital pointer to what the forthcoming album promises.Hadouken!’s long-awaited debut album, ‘Music For An Accelerated Culture’ will be released commercially on May 5th. However hardcore fans of the band are being offered the chance to get hold of the album up front of this date. Available exclusively from HYPERLINK "http://www.hadouken.co.uk" www.hadouken.co.uk, fans who purchase a special limited box set edition of the album in advance will instantly become part of ‘Aerials’, an exclusive Hadouken! community. Members of will receive a high quality download on April 24th - nearly two weeks ahead of it hitting the High St (or indeed itunes). For more information on AERIALS please contact TOAST.Hadouken!’s 13-date ‘Accelerated Culture Tour’ will see the band letting rip with brand new material from the album, played for the first time on stage.Hadouken

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