Doris Day - My Heart

Doris Day - My Heart

At the beginning of September, Doris Day released My Heart, her first album of original, new material in 17 years.

It earned Doris her first ever UK Top 10 chart position, and was in part a result of a fantastic collaboration between former Beach Boys member Bruce Johnston and her late son Terry Melcher.

We were fortunate enough to talk to not only Bruce about the album, but also producer Ted Carfrae, who worked on the record for two years.

Both were understandably pleased with how the album turned out.

"Who wouldn't be," Bruce said, adding: "It's her first Top 10 album in England ever!

"Forget age," he said, "That's quite an achievement."

Ted was similarly pleased with the album, and his chance to work with the living legend.

He said: "It's great. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity to work with someone like Doris Day."

Both men spoke about her approach on the album at their different stages.

Whereas Bruce recorded songs decades ago with Terry and Doris, Ted worked with Ms Day for the final two years of the project.

"She was lovely to me. She had lots of control over the whole project. She chose the tracks, she did the running order. She was really hands-on, which was fantastic, having her there," Ted said."

He admitted he's been a life-long fan of Doris Day. "She's also one of the best, one of the finest, female vocalists of all time. It doesn't get any better than that. To be associated with her and Bruce is a joy."

When her recent "comeback" is mentioned, Bruce was also full of praise, although was quick to note that he didn't really think it was a comeback, as she wasn't doing a tour, just a one-off album.

"I met her when I was starting when I was 15 or 16. She just always smiles. She's so smart, so cool, and gave me great advice," he said.

Bruce went on to explain that Terry and Doris encouraged him to keep writing songs and pushed him to continue. "I wrote a song years ago called "I Write The Songs", and if I hadn't been around them with their encouragement...I always tell people that I owe Doris and Terry my Grammy."

A recording of Terry singing 'Happy Endings', a song he wrote with Bruce Johnston, is one of the more emotional moments on the album.

Ted said: "I think it's a poignant song to have on the album anyway, it fits on there beautifully."

He continued: "What a great singer, you know? I think it's very sad he wasn't really known as much as a singer as he desrved."

Bruce echoed the sentiment, adding: "Some guys have all the talent, but they're kind of shy."

Bruce also spoke about the writing of the song, inspired by him wanting to bring back "happy endings".

"[Terry] said "Yeah, where the good guys always win", so that was the opening line."

He added: "I'm happy he did it."

Bruce seemed to take a lot from the experience, reminiscing about his time sitting in a room talking about "music back in the day, and how things were".

On her legacy, Bruce said something almost as poignant as the songs on the record.

"It's like if you're in a smokey room. You go outside and you get some fresh air."

He said: "She's just another definition of fresh air."

My Heart is already one of the best albums of the year, and sees Doris Day on fine form.

Talking to Bruce Johnston and Ted Carfrae, it's clear that making the album was a wonderful experience for all involved, and it is great to see it reaching the heights it deserves.

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