Joe McElderry (image credit Dean Freeman)

Joe McElderry (image credit Dean Freeman)

While it may be the biggest talent show in the UK, The X Factor’s winners haven’t always risen to the heights expected. When Joe McElderry won the contest back in 2009, we all predicted big things for the young crooner.

For a little while though it looked like that the same curse that hit Steve Brookstein and Leon Jackson might just take it's toll on the South Shields singer, but Joe came right back with a classical album that put him back up at the pointy end of the charts once more.

Now Joe’s bursting back into the world of pop with his new album Here’s What I Believe (out this September). We sat down with Joe to talk about the record, how he’s been finding himself as an artist and how meeting the Queen and the band Queen compared.


Joe also performed a couple of tracks live for us, make sure you watch them here, you really won’t regret it.

Joe's new album Here's What I Believe is out Spetember 10th.

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