Binary are hoping to make a splash with their new single ‘You Need The Blue Key’, after the London quartet got a great reception to their debut single The Prisoner.

With a first EP on the way too, we spoke to vocalist David about the new single, the EP and going on tour with Marilyn Manson.


So what can you tell us about ‘You Need The Blue Key’?

It’s just came about with us trying to do something a little bit different. We have a pretty eclectic bag of influences and we wanted to try and distil all of them down into one track. That’s definitely the direction we’re going in, that weird mish-mash of psychedelic, electronic and rock. So that’s how the song came about.

It was made the Record Of The Week by Amazing Radio. What’s that like for you?

It was actually really bizarre. As a band, we really tend to make music for ourselves so it’s always really cool when someone else is into it too. So we were really humbled and honoured that they liked it so much.

It’s not the first time you’ve great feedback. The Prisoner got some great response too.

It was cool. Prisoner was the first thing we put out and we were thrilled to hear the reception it got. We’re always evolving and developing our sound so it’s nice to see people come along with us, even though we are getting a bit stranger.

Your EP Amber is out soon, so what can we expect from that?

We basically wanted to put out a solid body of work, as opposed to single, which is a more ‘take it or leave it’ kind of thing. We wanted something that sat really nicely together. It’s a reflection of where we were a specific point in time as a band, it’s like a snapshot of where we want to go and what we want to do. Hopefully, it’s going to give people a much bigger idea of where the band wants to go.

What’s it been like working with Sean Bevan?

Really nice! We’ve been working with him since Prisoner. It’s great when you have a collaborative effort and the more you work with someone, the more your minds meld and you know what they really want. It’s a real privilege to work with Sean, he’s an incredibly talented producer and mixer and he really adds a unique element to each track.

So what was it like touring with Marilyn Manson and how did that coming together happen?

It was mental. We were playing huge rock arena shows and it was something completely different to what we’d been doing before. It was a real great tour to be invited on to. Basically, the connection was Sean.

We’d just finished recording another one of our tracks called modern man and I think he was in the studio at the same time as Manson and by osmosis we got in touch with each other and he invited us on to his two. It was a very humbling and incredible thing.

So, what’s next for you guys?

We’re always recording, writing, doing all sorts of little bits and bobs. The main focus is us putting out Amber soon and then we’ve got a remix EP out afterwards and we’re just curating that right now. We worked with a whole bunch of really interesting electronic artists on that.

The whole music community lives and thrives on the internet and there are a whole bunch of artists you pick up along the way. So you just reach out and see whether they like your stuff as much as you like theirs and hopefully collaborations happen.

After that, I think the main focus for us is touring. We just want to play as many shows as we possibly can.

Binary’s new single ‘You Need The Blue Key’ is out February 25th.

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