AARON CARTER CREDITS GIRLFRIEND FOR SAVING HIS LIFELATEST: Pop teen AARON CARTER credits the quick thinking of his model girlfriend MONIQUE DECORMIER for saving his life, following his near-fatal car accident. The I WANT CANDY singer watched in horror late Wednesday night (05JAN05) as a mattress flew off the roof of a truck he was driving behind on the Florida Turnpike and wedged itself under his CADILLAC ESCALADE.The mattress burst into flames, setting fire to Carter's vehicle. He says, "I pulled over, I got out and I looked under my car and I was like, 'Oh no, it's on fire.' I had a couple bottles (of water) in my car and I went under (the vehicle) and I started trying to put 'em out. My girlfriend came and she pulled me away." Within seconds, the vehicle went up in flames.,/B.He adds, "The crazy thing was is when she pulled me away, it lit from underneath, all around the side of the car.

"The way I could've reacted and the way I did probably saved my life."

Carter, who was driving to Orlando for a photoshoot at the time of the accident, reveals it's not his first near-death experience - he almost drowned in the family swimming pool as a child.

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