The U2 front man said: "My full-name is Paul David Hewson. And if someone occasionally were to call me Paul I would usually have to think of my father, because he did, but not my missus."

His band mate The Edge - real name David Howell Evans - said everyone calls him by his nickname. He added: "Everyone calls me Edge. It's my nickname. Anyone who calls me David, generally it's a policeman or a customs officer."

Bono also said he was delighted to have been asked to play at President Barack Obama's Inaugural Celebration concert. The Irish rockers played their classic song, Pride (In The Name Of Love), which they wrote in 1984 as a tribute to Martin Luther King.

Bono said: "What was strange was, you think of us, we're 23-years of age, we write a song about this black reverend from Atlanta Dr. King. And then get to play that song the day before his birthday on the steps of the Lincoln memorial where he made the 'I had a dream' speech."

If I was Mrs Bono I too wouldn't call him by his name, but it certainly won't be "sir".