Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole

Chris Moyles looks to have re-sparked his feud with Girls Aloud after slagging off key member Cheryl Cole during his Radio One breakfast show.

The gobby presenter was commenting on the fact that The X Factor has auto-tuned some of the contestants vocals during the auditions, when he bitched that Cheryl Cole's voice should be digitally improved, rather than the X Factor contestants.

After playing a live performance of Parachute yesterday, Chris told his 7.7million Radio 1 listeners: "I love Cheryl but that's awful!" before mocking: "I can't ignore it, it's not the best, is it? She might not need a parachute but she could bloody do with some singing lessons."

He later offered a half-hearted apology to the Geordie, saying: "If you're listening Cheryl, we love you."

Do you think Chris takes it too far sometimes or is it all just good banter?

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