I see no reason why a woman can't do that

KE$HA is proud of her wild pop persona - insisting she is the female version of Van Halen hellraiser David Lee Roth.

The 23 year old hit the charts last year with TiK ToK, a track about her hard boozing and partying ways.

But the star doesn't understand why she has been slammed for promoting drinking and clubbing to her teenage fans - because there is no reason a female performer can't be as wild as her male rocker predecessors.

She tells Britain's Daily Mirror, "You'd have to have no pulse not to come to my show and not have fun. David Lee Roth could be a total bada** running around, drinking whiskey and jumping into the crowd. I see no reason why a woman can't do that.

"A woman who is hot, has a good time and drinks is often seen as a whore or an alcoholic. But I'm neither of the two".

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