Fiona Apple: 'i Really Am An Extraordinary Machine'.Fiona Apple has finally got over the embarrassment of a nightmare performance in New York six years ago - and used it to inspire her new album EXTRAORDINARY MACHINE.The Grammy-winning artist fled the stage at New York's Roseland Ballroom in March 2000 because of sound problems, and was tortured by the incident for years.She says, "It's funny - for two years afterwards, if somebody were to even say the word 'Roseland' my stomach would go urggh. I'd get embarrassed and sad all over again."And now when I think about that, it makes me feel really good. That's another reason why I feel like I'm an extraordinary machine - a terrible experience has now evolved into being something that I actually take comfort in. That was the worst, most humiliating thing I could have imagined happening at that point. And it's really OK."The world didn't explode, the sky didn't fall. I've gotten back up on stage again. It's things like that that make me feel a lot more stable now. But I won't stop saying what's on my mind or running the risk of being misunderstood.Because if I had never done that, I wouldn't feel so calm now."

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