APPLE FANS BLAST SONY OVER UNRELEASED TWO-YEAR-OLD RECORDFans of FIONA APPLE have bombarded bosses at SONY MUSIC headquarters in New York with complaints after learning the singer/songwriter's new album has been shelved because it isn't commercial enough. Fans have launched a FREE FIONA! campaign because they're desperate to hear the long-awaited new album, EXTRAORDINARY MACHINE, which has been complete since May 2003.But, according to producer JON BRION, Sony bosses have decided not to release the album because it lacks "an obvious single".The Free Fiona! campaign calls for the mailing of thousands of apples, plastic and real, to Sony CEO ANDREW LACK.Apple fan and campaign founder DAVE MUSCATO says, "Sony has a responsibility to its shareholders, but it also has a very important responsibility to the art of music itself. "The major labels have a very real advantage over indies in industry influence and distribution power, but Sony and the other majors are abusing that power. It's not right, and they know it. And sooner or later, they're going to pay for it in sales.

People are tired of being force-fed pop music."

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