HALL AND OATES PRAISE PHILADELPHIA SOUL SCENEEighties pop sensation HALL AND OATES have experimented with a wide range of musical styles, but always retained a strong link to the vibrant Philadelphia soul scene.The pair, who are enjoying a well-received comeback, credit "Philly soul" as their greatest influence - as the genre covers everything from R&B and jazz to mainstream rock.He says, "We've flirted with prog, country, folk, rock and pop, but it's always been hyphenated with soul."We've always been part of the Philly soul scene. The new album, OUR KIND OF SOUL is kind of a return to that.

"Philly has continued to be one of the most important regional states in the States. It's a very vital scene."

In other news JOHN OATES, was the victim of tennis ace MARTINA NAVRATILOVA's bad loser wrath when he unwisely beat her in a skiing race.

The humiliation of failing affected the competitive sports star so badly, she wreaked her revenge on the VOICES singer during a subsequent "friendly" game of basketball.

He says, "She's an unbelievable athlete, but I beat her at a ski race one time and she hated it - it really bothered her - I could tell.

"I also played basketball with her in a health club and she proceeded to scratch, push and elbow me.

"I guess that's the kind of power that makes her the champion that she is."