RYDER PUNCHED EX-GIRLFRIEND HAPPY MONDAYS singer SHAUN RYDER punched former bandmate and then- girlfriend ROWETTA SATCHELL during a heated argument.Satchell, who is currently starring in SIMON COWELL's British television talent contest X FACTOR, says the incident took place just before the STEP ON legends split up in the early nineties. The row destroyed her self esteem and she has only recently rediscovered the confidence to be a singer.She tells British newspaper THE SUN, "Shaun punched me in the face on the ferry to the Isle Of Wight (England). We had a row and I stood up to him. It was awful. We had a fiery relationship but I never thought Shaun would hit me."The tour went badly. Shaun was a different person, he was hard, he was just being nasty with everyone. The drugs weren't funny anymore. I saw this change and it was horrible. People hating each other."We had a row and he just went for me. I never want to speak to him again. The band split and then I went into a relationship with an abusive partner. It destroyed my confidence.

"Only now do I feel ready to put myself in a situation where I can step forward as a singer and I might be famous again. I was too frightened to do anything before."

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