Josh Groban

Josh Groban

Josh Groban beat the odds to perform at a charity concert in Canada over the weekend (26-27May12) after coming down with laryngitis and missing his flight.

The singer was booked to appear at the David Foster Foundation Miracle Concert in Victoria, Canada on Saturday night (26May12), but he feared hewould miss the gig after coming down with a nasty throat infection.

Groban decided to fly to Canada after he began to feel a bit better, but he was hit with a barrage of travel delays which led to him missing a connecting flight.

However, he was determined to make it to Victoria in time for the concert, in aid of children needing life-saving transplant operations.

He writes in a post on, "Well, flight was delayed so missedmy connection to Victoria. And it hurts to swallow. But this IS gonna happen... I may seem calm but my spirit animal is reeeeaaally p.o.'d (p**sed off) right now".

Groban eventually made it to Victoria and continued to battle voice problems ahead of the gig, but was able to go through with the performance.

He writes, "Fighting off laryngitis for dear life backstage at the David Foster Foundation! Come on voice, hang with me one more hour! Gonna do my best," before adding, "Pulled through tonight on a wing and a prayer (and some amazing fans in the crowd).

Congrats to D. Foster foundation on raising 4 million $!" Other stars who attended the glitzy event included boxing legend Muhammad Ali, Pamela Anderson, Sarah McLachlan and Kenny G.