BIOPIC TO BE MADE OF JOY DIVISION STARThe life of tragic JOY DIVISION singer IAN CURTIS will finally be brought to the big screen in a film called TOUCHING FROM A DISTANCE, after family members refused to give their permission to a separate project last year (04).The biopic will be based on a book of the same name written by the LOVE WILL TEAR US APART icon's widow DEBORAH. British music mogul TONY WILSON, who ran the record label Joy Division were signed to, will co-executive produce the movie with Deborah.Iconic Curtis committed suicide in 1980 aged 23 as the band prepared for an American tour. Wilson says, "People have different ideas as to why Ian committed suicide, so maybe the film will reflect those different views. Film people have a tendency to mess up when they touch music, but I hope this one work. This is much more than the music - they want to do the real story of Ian." Touching From A Distance will be directed by ANTON CORBIJN, who has previously made music movies for U2 and DEPECHE MODE.

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