David Walliams Doesn't Mind Gay Rumours.... David Walliams loves the rumours about his sexuality in the press, and confesses he courts the attention.Although Walliams is often seen in the company of eligible single female celebrities, most recently George Clooney's ex-lover Lisa Snowdon, he spends an equal amount of time with famous gay pals.Tabloid The Sun has raised question marks over his sexuality, even printing a gay-o-meter, measuring how heterosexual or homosexual he is from day to day.

Latest Lover Lisa SnowdenBut Walliams - who plays a transsexual in comedy sketch show Little Britain - loves the speculation. He says, "You take it with the fun that's meant."When I kissed Will Young on Parky (TV chat show Parkinson), it exploded! I think it's actually a very funny thing and in the show we play up to the campness, so I can hardly complain The Sun is having a little laugh at me"

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