Machine Head

Machine Head

American rockers Machine Head have pulled out of the U.K.'s Sonisphere festival in anger after they were relegated down the line-up to make way for Limp Bizkit.

disrespected by the change in running order

The band was due to play at the event in Knebworth, south-east England next month (Aug09) but quit because they felt "disrespected" by the change in running order.

And they are adamant they will not reverse their decision - even after promoters offered to move them to another stage and avoid a clash with the recently reunited Limp Bizkit.

In a statement, the Machine Head members say, "Seeing as the running order was a significant part of the negotiation and agreement between between us and the promoter, and the fact that we had been advertised in that slot since the festival's announcement, you can imagine our surprise whenwe were 'told' that we would now be playing in the fourth slot, under Limp Bizkit. It was actually expected that we would quietly move down the bill without issue. We will not. "In an effort to make this situation in Knebworth work, we have spent more than a week striving to resolve this issue in a proper manner.

Unfortunately, that did not happen and (we) have been left with no choice but to cancel our appearance rather than stand for the disrespect and indignity offered by a promoter who won't honour our agreement". A spokesman for organisers Killimanjaro says, "Our main priority is to give the fans a great weekend full of awesome bands and it was only recently that Limp Bizkit became available.

In the process, Machine Head have been upset, and despite our best efforts, they have made the decision to cancel their appearance".

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