Mark Ronson

Mark Ronson

Mark Ronson has said that the death of Amy Winehouse made him end his sessions with Gossip for band's latest album, 'A Joyful Noise'.

The producer explained to MTV Hives that he was working with the group last summer when he found out that his 'Back To Black' collaborator had passed away.

Looking back to last year, Ronson said her death made him realise how good the chemistry was between the pair, and he found that magic was lacking when it came to him and Gossip. Ronson added: "It was really strange. It was almost like a turning point. When I found out that Amy passed I was in disbelief. I walked out of the session and I never fully came back."

He continued: "I think the main thing, the chemistry of what we had going on with the Gossip album wasn't really amazing and being reminded about how good it is when it's good, maybe I thought I was forcing something."

Gossip released their fifth album, 'A Joyful Of Noise' yesterday The album was produced by Brian Higgins of pop production company Xenomania as well as partially by Ronson.

Gossip plays a one-off UK show tonight at London's XOYO (May 15)

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