Nick Grimshaw

Nick Grimshaw

According to you, the readers of FemaleFirst, Chris Moyles is still your favourite when it comes to breakfast radio.

In our poll last week, 35% of you voted that no one could live up to the legacy of Chris Moyles, easily the most popular answer given.

Support for the man known as Grimmy was there though, with 25% thinking it’s a good switch for Radio 1’s flagship show and 7% of you liking both the current and ex-host equally.

More surprising was the amount of you truly not that fussed over the most high profile job in radio, with 17% of you hanging your colours to Chris Evans on Radio 2, 11% of you quite happy to roam the wilds of commercial radio and another 7% of you not even tuning in at all.

While it’ll be interesting what Nick Grimshaw’s breakfast show will sound like after he’s all bedded in, the popularity of Chris Moyles is a massive barrier for him to overcome.


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