Whitesnake Scrap Chile Show....

Rockers Whitesnake were forced to scrap a show in Chile on Friday (16May08) after frontman David Coverdale fell ill.The rocker reportedly developed respiratory problems and was unable to perform.In a video message on Blabbermouth.net, the band's guitarist, Doug Aldrich, says, "I am really sorry that we didn't get to play the gig Santiago. It sucks big time."We ran into a bit of rough luck. The airline that we used to fly from Argentina to Chile changed to a different plane and our equipment got bumped to a flight that was very very late."We had no gear... no guitars no nothing, so that night (Friday) the show needed to be moved to Saturday."Then... (David) got a really bad cough and had a hard time to breathe, so he didn't get to sleep all night. He saw a doctor, and the doc said he was ordered to rest."It's really, really a big disappointment for us as we were so up for playing... I know we will get back (to Chile) as soon as it's possible."Meanwhile, Coverdale says, "A 1,000 thanks to all of you sending me such strong, healing vibes... and they are working. I had a good night's rest and the medications are kicking in positively, thank you."

The singer is confident shows in Peru and Mexico City will go ahead this week (beg19May08) as planned.

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