Billy Ray

Billy Ray

Billy Ray Cyrus is continuing to defend his daughter Miley from all the criticism she has been receiving of late, insisting he admires her creativity and intelligence.

For everything that's good, there's gotta be a flip side to that

From the 20-year-old singer's racy routine with Robin Thicke at the MTV Video Music Awards to the video for her new song Wrecking Ball, in which she rides a metal ball while nude, Miley's antics have made headlines around the world, but she still can't do anything wrong in her dad's eyes .

On Tuesday (01Oct13), Billy Ray discussed Miley's upbringing with U.S. chat show host Queen Latifah, explaining that she grew up in a home where popular country artists like Waylon Jennings and Lynyrd Skynyrd guitar player Ed King would teach her their songs, instilling both a love of music and creativity in her at a young age.

So when asked if he found it tough to hear all the negative comments about his daughter, who is clearly heading in a different direction than most expected her to go in, Billy Ray replied, "It's like everything - there's an opposite and equal reaction. For everything that's good, there's gotta be a flip side to that. "Miley's a really smart young lady.

She's a very creative artist.

That intangible of reinvention.

That's the thing (Miley's godmother) Dolly (Parton) is so good at.

You make your music and you do your art, and there's a time you have to figure it out yourself.

You can't really count on somebody else to give you that lesson".