Captain and Tennille star Daryl Dragon has been left confused by a move made by his wife to file for divorce, insisting he "can't figure it out".

The hitmaking couple behind 1970s chart smash Love Will Keep Us Together recently hit headlines after Toni Tennille moved to end their marriage weeks after their 39-year anniversary, but former Beach Boys keyboardist Dragon admits her actions have left him heartbroken - especially because they are still living together in Arizona.

The 71 year old, who suffers from a Parkinson's-like neurological condition, tells U.S. tabloid the National Enquirer, "This divorce was Toni's idea. I can't figure it out. She says she's divorcing me for 'spiritual reasons'. But she also says over time her philosophical beliefs have changed and that our values have changed. But she hasn't been any clearer than that. "Despite this, I still love Toni.

We are not planning on selling the home, but things are changing by the day.

It is frightening".

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