The Chainsmokers only record in the daytime.

The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers

The 'Closer' duo - which includes Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall - prefer to work on their music in normal working hours and "can't understand" why other artists regularly work late into the night.

Alex said: "I treat it like a job. I've had rappers be like, 'Let's meet up at 10 p.m.' And I'm like, 'Uh, no!' I can't understand that way of working."

However, Alex made an exception when he hit the studio with Chris Martin because the Coldplay frontman - who he described as "the f***ing greatest" - was keen to start "after he put his kids to bed".

Andrew and Alex are very close but do like to have time away from each other too.

He added: "We met in order to work together, but we've gotten close. We've fought like, one time, in Mexico, about I don't remember what. We'd just been at a strip club and we beat each other up in the back of a cab. We have a photo we took of ourselves all bloody afterward! It was just a moment of tequila-driven madness.

"When we both moved to Los Angeles, we were like, 'Should we get a sick house together?' And it was like, 'Let's each have this one place apart from each other.'"

And the duo are hoping that one day their live shows will be as successful as Beyoncé or Kanye West's.

Andrew shared to Rolling Stone magazine: "We can do so much more than just DJ. We look at Beyoncé and we're like, 'I want to build a live show that's talked about and respected as much as hers, or Kanye's.' We want to add performance elements."