Veteran rapper-turned-chef Coolio gave a group of college students the VIP treatment on Tuesday night (08Oct13) after meeting them at his concert in Preston, England and offering to cook for them.

The hip-hop star met the kids from the University of Central Lancashire in the VIP area of his gig and ended up heading back to one of their houses to hang out.

During the unexpected visit, Coolio, who has his own Internet cooking programme, decided to show off his culinary skills and even went to a local store himself to pick up the ingredients to make a caprese salad, a peach crumble and a dish he called "Chicken a la Daaamn", reports

Coolio also treated the lucky fans to an acoustic performance of his biggest hit, Gangsta's Paradise, as one of the students strummed the beat on a guitar as they sat around in the living room.

Video footage of the impromptu jam session has since been surfaced online.