Florence + The Machine have recorded three songs for new video game 'Final Fantasy XV'.

Florence + The Machine singer Florence Welch

Florence + The Machine singer Florence Welch

The band have released an EP called 'Songs From Final Fantasy XV' comprised of the tracks they created for the RPG title at Air Studios in London with producer and composer Emile Haynie.

Speaking about the collaboration, 29-year-old frontwoman Florence Welch said: "I was listening to Classic FM and there was a whole two hour program about classical music in video games. It was so inspiring and a whole scope of music that I didn't know about. It was really fascinating, the music was incredibly beautiful and emotional and I took it as a sort of sign, to see what I can do in this medium."

"I've always seen 'Final Fantasy' as a beautiful and creative game so I don't think I could have worked with another video game. It wouldn't have made sense. In some ways the landscape of 'Final Fantasy' and my own internal landscape seemed to fit quite well, it's mythical and beautiful and epic."

Game creator Hajime Tabata was "incredibly excited" when Florence and her bandmates agreed to provide music for the Square Enix title and he says the songs are very important to the game.

He said: "We are incredibly excited to have collaborated with Florence. Music has always been a hugely important and much beloved part of the 'Final Fantasy' series, and with these three tracks we really wanted to create a musical experience to live within the game, and that will transport listeners, whether new to the series or not, into the epic 'Final Fantasy XV' universe."

The EP includes two original songs based on the world of the 'Final Fantasy XV' video game, as well as a beautifully melancholy cover of Ben E. King's 'Stand By Me'.

'Songs From FINAL FANTASY XV' EP tracklist:

1. 'Too Much Is Never Enough'

2. 'Stand By Me'

3. 'I Will Be'

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