Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake Gyllenhaal

' They (the police) were like, 'Get out of here

Actor Jake Gyllenhaal helped British folk rockers Mumford and Sons talk their way out of a police encounter in 2011 after their tour train was stopped while passing through Texas.

The Brokeback Mountain star joined his pals on the road for their Railroad Revival Tour from Oakland, California to New Orleans, Louisiana, but their journey came to a brief halt as they made their way to Marfa, Texas in April, 2011.

Gyllenhaal reveals he immediately took charge of the situation in a bid to help out his musician friends after studying to portray a cop for End of Watch.

Mumford And Sons

He explains, "We got stopped by the state troopers at one point in Texas... I'm not sure (what for)... I think they just stopped us to see if there were (any) shenanigans they could have arrested people for, but there weren't... "I was researching to play a police officer actually, and I thought I really knew how to talk to police officers.

At the time I had done about two or three months of research and I was like (to his tour mates), 'Hey guys, don't worry about it...' They (the police) were like, 'Get out of here.' They weren't about to arrest me - that would have been a good story!"

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