Joe Jonas admits fame hasn't always been "easy" for him.

Joe Jonas with DNCE on FAULT Music cover

Joe Jonas with DNCE on FAULT Music cover

The 26-year-old star - who rose to fame in the Jonas Brothers alongside his siblings - has confessed that super-stardom has been difficult to cope with in the past, but as he has gotten older he has learned to adapt to the pressures and problems.

Speaking to the new issue of FAULT Music magazine, Joe said: "I think fame is something that kind of comes with what you do. Some people handle it differently. I grew up around it, so it hasn't always been an easy thing for me, but you learn to adjust and adapt to how you're comfortable."

However, the 'Fly With Me' hitmaker admitted that he's aware it could all go away in a second, so he just remembers his roots in order to cope with the success.

He explained: "Ultimately, there are things that you're gonna be cool with and things that are gonna be tough to get over. But at the end of the day, if you remember where you come from and how it can all go away so easily, it makes it a little bit easier to handle."

The Jonas Brothers - also comprised of Kevin and Nick - split in 2012 and last year Joe decided to form a new band, DNCE.

The group - who released their debut single 'Cake By The Ocean' in 2015 - is also comprised of Jack Lawless, Cole Whittle and JinJoo Lee and although Joe suffered from writer's block when he first began penning songs in the group but then he had a major breakthrough.

Joe said: "At first, we had a bit of a writer's block and we couldn't quite figure out the vibe that we wanted. And finally, we worked with new producers from Sweden and kind of just broke the mould.

"It all happened very quickly and we're really thrilled with the reaction and how things have happened so far."

The band are set to release their second single 'Toothbrush' on 2 September which is taken from their EP 'SWAAY'. They also will be performing at the V Festival in the UK later this month.

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