John Lydon has written a "genius" song inspired by his broken toilet.

John Lydon

John Lydon

The Public Image Ltd frontman John Lyndon and his wife Nora Forster got into a row about their toilet plumbing problem, Lyndon used the incedent as inspiration that ended up becoming 'Double Trouble', a track on his group's new album 'What The World Needs Now'.

The NME quoted John as saying "The toilet was broken and we had to get it repaired and from a basic family row it turned into quite a genius idea for a song.

It just show how a gifted song writer can find uplifting inspiration from a good argument. Lydon likes getting something off his chest rather than harbouring any resentment and his writing gave him the perfect outlet..

"It's the most powerful thing you can do, especially when there's resolution at the end of it. Absolutely."

Despite his decades in the music industry, the former Sex Pistols star believes the new album is his best-ever work.

He said: "The record is excellent.

"To my mind, this is the best thing I've ever done."

And the veteran rocker believes the key to PiL's lasting success is the closeness between himself and bandmates Lu Edmonds, Scott Firth and Bruce Smith.

He said: "We're a great bunch of people that really do like each other. And that helps.

"I always thought that being in a band meant animosity was the driving force, but that turned out not to be true.

"I learned that when we got back together in 2009 and the energy has remained ever since, vibrant."

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