John Mayer

John Mayer

Pop star Katy Perry reluctantly broke off her romance with John Mayer in a bid to properly deal with her feelings following her 2011 marriage split from Russell Brand.

Now Perry can't help but gush about her love for Mayer, saying, (It's) a rad, mature relationship

The singer admits her emotions were all over the place when the British comedian filed for divorce in late December, 2011 because the breakdown of her marriage had occurred while she was still busy on her Teenage Dream world tour.

She recalls, "There were two weeks of my life after I found out the truth of my marriage where I was like, 'OK. All right. I can't feel this. This is too intense right now. I was, like, just eating Flamin' Hot Cheetos (cornmeal snacks) and drinking, and that's it".

She began dating Mayer in August, 2012, but forced herself to take a break from the fledgling relationship earlier this year (13) to fully reflect on her situation, and she insists the time apart has only made their relationship stronger after reuniting over the summer (13).

Perry tells Marie Claire magazine, "I took a break from my boyfriend, not one that I wanted. It was like a splash of cold water to search inward on what was going on with me. That is what let (sic) me to this new awakening, this realising, 'If I don't do some self-love, I'm not going to be able to keep the love that I want.' I still needed to deal with all of my ex-husband stuff. I hadn't. It's almost like if I kept talking about it, it would seem like I actually cared about it. I don't".

Now Perry can't help but gush about her love for Mayer, saying, "(It's) a rad, mature relationship... He's just a fantastic partner. I've been a fan of his for such a long time. He's got a brilliant, brilliant mind".

The pop beauty recently suggested she penned her hit single Roar about her onoff romance with Mayer, stating, "Roar is a song I wrote as I was a little bit upset. I found myself having a break with my boyfriend, who I loved very much and it really hurt my heart".