Lulu admits that her new album is "outrageous", saying that the record 'Making Life Rhyme' left her a little daunted, as it was the first in which she's been involved in all aspects of writing and production.

Pop star Lulu

Pop star Lulu

Reflecting on her strikingly honest new album, Lulu said: "It's nuts, to think I'm doing this, at this age! It's a first for me, at 66. It's kind of outrageous. It's scary, in fact, if I think of it like that. I should have started writing when I was young, that was a big mistake, but it feels like it fits so well now.

"I've found a way to deal with the things that have driven me. I've always tried not to be vulnerable and this is allowing me to open up, in a way. I feel like I've grown up. And yet, the opposite is true, I feel like I'm just beginning."

What's more, Lulu refuses to accept that her new album has a gloomy tone and instead says it's "about living in the solution".

She told the Sunday Telegraph newspaper: "I can go down. I've got that dark Celtic angst.

"But I don't want to write songs crying about how tough things are. My songs are really about going beyond the problems. They're about living in the solution."

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