Mark Morrison

Mark Morrison

Mark Morrison's comeback song is a "proper grime tune".

The 42-year-old rapper is relaunching his music career with new track '2Morrow', which also features Erene, Devlin & Crooked I.

Devlin was thrilled when Mark contacted him and asked him to be on the song and believes grime fans will love the track.

He told BANG Showbiz: "Mark's a good geezer, he reached out to me and put me on the track. It was really good to get on the song with him, if we can do it I'd love to perform it live with him. I'm looking forward to people hearing '2Morrow', it's a proper grime tune."

Devlin was a massive fan of Mark's biggest hit 'Return of the Mack' and thinks the song's everlasting popularity is proof of Mark's massive influence on British rap music.

'Watchtower' rapper Devlin said: "He left his mark on the scene without a doubt and now he's back. With 'Return of the Mack', look, any track you have that becomes that big is a great thing. There are kids now that know that song, they would have heard it at parties, maybe even weddings and they like it. It was, and still is, a brilliant song. I love it. Before Mark there weren't many successful British rappers."

Mark Morrison's song '2Morrow', is out now.