Rocker Morrissey's high school gig in Los Angeles is to hit the big screen at select cinemas across America and Mexico in August (13).

Morrissey 25 Live From Hollywood High will chronicle the singer's 2 March (13) concert, which sparked controversy when the fervent vegetarian aired a video detailing how caught fish die prior to his performance and graphic clips of cow and chicken slaughters as he sang Meat is Murder.

The school gig also made headlines when the former The Smiths star ended the show by carrying a nine-year-old fan who had managed to sneak past security and onto the stage on his shoulders.

The film, which is the first authorised Morrissey concert movie to hit cinemas in nine years, celebrates the 25th anniversary of his solo career, and opens with fan tributes.

Tickets for the intimate 1,800-capacity Hollywood High School auditorium show sold out in 12 seconds.