There were rumours for a few weeks prior to Naughty Boy's unveiling of his Beyoncé and Arrow Benjamin collaborative track, that the producer would be teaming up with the global superstar Queen Bey, but nobody ever expected 'Runnin' (Lose It All)' to be released just as quickly and explosively as it was.

Chatting to Capital FM, Naughty Boy revealed that both he and Beyoncé are believers in lucky numbers and spirituality, saying: "We wanted it to be like that, she's into numbers, I'm into numbers.

"My number is 11 and hers is four so it felt right to just drop it on a certain date and have no build up. The last time she put out an album, that's how it was done and I think with someone like Beyoncé, it doesn't need to be built up."

He went on to explain: "No-one demanded this, Beyoncé didn't have to do this and I would never have gone out of my way to ask Beyoncé to feature on a song for me because I just wouldn't expect her to but at the same time I think it's more karma.

"I think if you keep your heart clean and your intentions were never bad then karma's going to deliver for you. You don't actually have to say, 'Look at me', it's doing it for itself.

"Everyone doesn't know everything that goes on behind the scenes, people take Twitter at face value or a headline and some things this year relating to me aren't even headline worthy, there are more important things going on in the new that deserve that space."

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