Paloma Faith

Paloma Faith

I called that guy (the colleague) up and had such a go at him (scolded him)

British pop star Paloma Faith was left shaken on her recent U.K. tour after an overzealous fan managed to sneak into her dressing room.

The terrifying encounter happened after the singer gave a backstage pass to an old songwriting pal, and he handed it to a fan who then slipped by security guards and made his way into her private room.

Faith was fuming at her former colleague for giving the man the all-access pass, and admits the incident reminded her she has to be vigilant about who she comes in contact with.

She tells the London Evening Standard magazine, "I said (to the fan), 'It's lovely to meet you but I'm going to have to ask you to leave.' I was really shaken up. Recently, I can feel that people know who I am and it feels a bit... dangerous. "I called that guy (the colleague) up and had such a go at him (scolded him).

I think he just thought I was the old happy-go-lucky girl he'd always known, and I still am, but back then there was nobody who might have been weird with me". Faith wrapped the latest U.K. shows on her Fall to Grace tour in Cambridge, England, on 17 February (13).

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