Peter Andre

Peter Andre

Things will be done slightly differently

Singer-turned-reality TV star Peter Andre has vowed to withdraw from the spotlight when his new baby is born.

The Mysterious Girl hitmaker has two children with his ex-wife, former model Katie Price, and he is due to become a dad for the third time after announcing last month (Jul13) that his new partner Emily MacDonagh is pregnant.

Now he has revealed when the baby arrives, he plans to scale back on his fly-on-the-wall show Peter Andre My Life so he can devote even more time to his family.

Andre tells The Sun newspaper, "Things will be done slightly differently... I've got to understand that I'm also with someone that's not in the industry, so we can approach this differently, which is great... It's going to be a slight little farewell for a while after this year... (But) we can always come back to a full reality show in five years' time. It's not the end".

Australian singer Andre has a son Junior and daughter Princess Tiaamii from his three-year marriage to Price.