Sharon Osbourne

Sharon Osbourne

I was in Germany and I want to share some good news

Rock matriarch Sharon Osbourne had U.S. TV viewers in shock on Monday (01Apr13) after announcing she was pregnant as part of an April Fools' Day prank.

Ozzy Osbourne's 60-year-old wife returned to her chat show The Talk on Monday after a two-week absence, and revealed that she had spent her time in Germany seeking treatment at an in vitro fertilisation clinic.

Opening the show, the teary-eyed cancer-survivor said "I've got a special surprise for everybody... I was away for the last two weeks as you all know. I was in Germany and I want to share some good news. It's interesting news, but it's very good news. I went to an in vitro fertilisation clinic and I found a donor with an egg... and put together with Ozzy's sperm and it was implanted in me and I have to say, I'm pregnant!" Her emotional announcement prompted her co-hosts Sarah Gilbert, Sheryl Underwood, Aisha Tyler and guest star Carnie Wilson to embrace her and express their delight at the news - but it wasn't long before the mum-of-three came clean and admitted it was all a joke.

She subsequently confessed, "I have always wanted to get into acting and I just gave an Oscar-winning performance because it was an April Fools' joke and I fooled you all!"