Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg

Rapper Snoop Dogg is baffled by reports suggesting Bunny Wailer has questioned his newfound devotion to the Rastafari movement.

The hip-hop veteran last year (12) adopted the moniker 'Snoop Lion' and told of his growing interest in the Jamaica-based spiritual community.

Until then, it's he say, she say, hearsay

Bob Marley's former bandmate Wailer later spoke out to reportedly accuse the Drop It Like It's Hot hitmaker of the "outright fraudulent use" of Rasta imagery, but Snoop is confused by the incident and is convinced his pal has been misquoted.

He tells rock magazine Q, "I have nothing but love and respect for Bunny Wailer. I match negativity with love. So there is no drama... The last I seen (sic) and heard from him was in Jamaica and we was (sic) all love and it was beautiful... "I don't believe what people write until I hear what the person say (sic).

Someone could be trumping this s**t up.

A sabotage.

Writing this for him, out of spite, or their own anger and jealousy...

It couldn't have been him!...

Only if I see him physically say this s**t, then I'll know for sure Bunny Wailer has a problem with me.

Until then, it's he say, she say, hearsay".