Ted Nugent

Ted Nugent

Right-wing rocker Ted Nugent has branded movie mogul Harvey Weinstein a "subhuman punk" and compared him to a Nazi over his plans to make a hard-hitting new film with an anti-gun theme.

He also branded a Weinstein a brain-dead idiot and a descendent of the ultimate putz, while he also called Stern a spineless weasel

Weinstein has confirmed Meryl Streep is onboard for his new project, reportedly named The Senator's Wife, which he hopes will tackle the controversial issue of gun control in America.

During an interview with shock jock Howard Stern, the celebrated producer also revealed he wants the film to change the opinion of the pro-gun lobby, including America's National Rifle Association (NRA), saying, "They're going to wish they weren't alive after I'm done with them. It's going to be, like, crash and burn... I don't think we need guns in this country, and I hate it, and I think the NRA is a disaster area".

Weinstein's comments have infuriated Nugent, a member of the NRA and a vocal gun advocate, who condemned the moviemaker in an appearance on the NRA's Cam and Company news show on Thursday (16Jan14), saying, "I know that God is inspiring the subhuman punk Weinstein to create what is going to be the most powerful promotion tool for the NRA ever because people are smarter than he acknowledges".

Nugent goes on to compare Weinstein to Nazi propaganda master Joseph Goebbels and left-wing activist Saul Alinsky.

He adds, "(People) will see that Joseph Goebbels and Saul Alinsky is alive in the form a fat punk named Harvey Weinstein, and as he tries to destroy the NRA it will backfire on him... Harvey Weinstein is on the side of criminals. The NRA is on the side of innocent victims protecting themselves from criminals".

He also branded a Weinstein a "brain-dead idiot" and a "descendent of the ultimate putz", while he also called Stern a "spineless weasel" for not challenging the movie mogul on his show.