Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix had a "laser-like" concentration in the studio.

The legendary 'Foxy Lady' singer and guitarist may have had a reputation for taking recreational drugs but in the studio his long time audio engineer and producer, Eddie Kramer, said he was always lucid.

He explained to radio station BBC 6 Music: "[He had an] absolute focus, a laser-like concentration.

"He was the definitely the boss. He knew what he wanted to hear, but he was very open to suggestions about sounds and he would always ask my opinion about a particular take or how he was performing.

"There was no question that his focus was perfectly there for the whole of a session; I never saw him get out of control with any drug or alcohol. Outside of that? I don't know - that was his private life."

When he wasn't playing in the studio, Eddie said Jimi was usually a very quiet person.

He added: "The very first time I met Jimi, he was so shy and so self-effacing. He sat in the corner wearing a grubby raincoat until the amps arrived. But once they were plugged in, Hendrix came to life.

"He could go from really being quiet to screamingly loud in a nanosecond."

Before setting up his Electric Lady Studios in New York, Eddie worked with Jimi in London, and while he was focused, he wasn't always on time.

Eddie explained: "We [usually] booked the studio for 7pm and he would show up maybe at midnight.

"Generally speaking, Jimi would show up at about 11pm, 12pm and go until five or six in the morning."

A new album of unreleased material by Jimi, 'People, Hell and Angels', has been compiled by Eddie and will be released on March 4.

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