Keith Richards

Keith Richards

The Rolling Stones' 50th Anniversary tour has been delayed until 2013.

The legendary 'Brown Sugar' band had been strongly rumoured to be taking to the road in celebration of five decades since they formed, but guitarist Keith Richards has said it will now be pushed back.

He told Rolling Stone magazine: "Basically, we're just not ready."

When asked if a tour will happen in 2013, he added: "I have a feeling that's more realistic."

At the end of 2011 Keith, drummer Charlie Watts, and second guitarist Ronnie Wood all said they were hoping for the band to reconvene this year, but were waiting on singer Sir Mick Jagger, who was launching his SuperHeavy project.

While the band are not likely to play any live dates in 2012, Keith confirmed they are planning new studio sessions, and could possibly be joined by original bass player Bill Wyman.

Keith, 68, added: "We're back in touch, which is great, because I hadn't really spoken to him for years."

When asked if Bill would rejoin the band, he added: "I think he's up for it. We talked about it. I'll let you know when I can."

Bill sat in on practices between the group held in London last December, his first since leaving the group in 1992.

Of that rehearsal, Keith said: "It was a very back-to-basics sort of session. There was a lot of jamming. On the third day, Mick turned up, which was a real joy. Because I set it up really as a magnet, you know."

While the band were expected to celebrate their 50th anniversary this year, there is some confusion as to when they actually solidified their line up and started playing as The Rolling Stones.