Labrinth can't believe he is collaborating with Usher.

The 'Let The Sun Shine' hitmaker has been working with the US singer, recently spending two days recording with him and Labrinth is still in awe of Usher.

He told Digital Spy: "We had a session about two weeks ago. It was great - we spent two days in the studio and now I'm just finishing the stuff off for him. It's Usher, man - I mean that's amazing! To have that going on is incredible. Things are looking up at the moment - a number two album, Usher collaboration and call from Busta Rhymes!"

Labrinth is also planning to work with Alicia Keys in the next few weeks and is equally thrilled.

He said: "I got a call from Alicia [Keys] a few weeks ago. We've had a chat about doing something very soon. Hopefully it will all kick off in a few weeks!"

He recently released his debut album 'Electronic Earth' and admitted he is having trouble deciding which songs will become his new singles.

Labrinth, 23, said: "We've had real trouble at the label deciding which order to put everything out. It's easier now the album is out, but we still want to get it right. Hopefully we get to release all the ones we want at some point."