Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga's lawyers are trying to keep a court case over her single 'Judas' quiet.

The singer is being sued by Rebecca Francescatti, who claims elements of her 1999 track 'Juda' are used in Gaga's 2011 song uncredited.

The lawsuit has been ongoing since 2011, but lawyers for Gaga have asked for parts of a transcript from a recent hearing in Chicago be edited and not made public as they involve confidential matters both parties had agreed to keep secret.

In Rebecca's case she argues the chorus to her track is too similar to the chorus of 'Judas' and points out both she and Gaga worked with the same producer, Brian Gaynor, who is also being sued.

Rebecca's lawyer, Christopher William Niro, claims the lawsuit uncovered text messages between Lady Gaga and producer RedOne which show she had stolen another sample loop, which was used in 'Judas' and later in Jennifer Lopez's song 'Invading My Mind' without credit.

He further alleges Gaga then asked Jennifer to give her a producing credit on 'Invading My Mind' to cover her tracks, even though she didn't work on the song.

According to a court transcript, obtained by the Chicago Tribune newspaper, Christopher said: "My sense of this is ... The way this music is composed is there isn't a musician within miles of this. They're sitting at a computer. They're picking out segments. They're mixing them and mashing them and moving them around, and then they create this music. And when it comes out the end of the tunnel, nobody knows what elements went into that."

Judge Jeffrey Gilbert agreed that Christopher had demonstrated how Gaga had already used one loop from reFX Audio Software without credit.

Her lawyer, Catherine Spector, said the theory put forward by Rebecca and Christopher "doesn't really hold up from our perspective".

Neither Gaga or her record company, Universal Music Group, have commented on the case, which is ongoing.

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