Liam Gallagher

Liam Gallagher

Liam Gallagher's best Christmas present was one of John Lennon's guitars.

The Beady Eye frontman is a huge fan of the late Beatles singer - even naming his first son, Lennon, 13, after him - prompting his wife, Nicole Appleton, to get him one of the ultimate pieces of memorabilia of the musician.

He said: "I'd say the best was when I got a John Lennon guitar. Off my missus. An acoustic, really nice acoustic guitar."

Liam, 40 , has also had his fair share of bad presents,admitting he regularly receives unoriginal gifts.

He said:"Socks, slippers, I get all that s**t."

Liam is also looking forward to spending his Christmas in New York this year, which is the city where John lived when he was assassinated in 1980.

He added: "I always have a good time at Christmas, definitely. I've got a gaff [house] in New York now, so I'm out there this time. In fact, I've spent a good couple of Christmases out there before; that's how I got the taste for it. I've got some unfinished business over there, as they say in the spirit world."