Sophie Delila

Sophie Delila

Sophie Delila got career tips from Plan B and Duffy.

The 'Hooked' singer feels lucky to have worked with some of the most popular musicians and songwriters of the modern day, including the 'Mercy' singer and the 'iLL Manors' rapper.

She said: "I've been very lucky to have worked with Plan B, I've done a duet with him for his Shepherd's Bush show, he's very talented and a high achiever who has done so much in the past two years it's unbelievable.

"I've been in the studio with Duffy and she's a very talented, lovely girl. And on my own album I've worked with the great lyricist Don Black who wrote the lyrics to 'Diamonds are Forever' as well as a few other James Bond tunes, so he's pretty legendary. Then there's Tricky as well as a few other artists. "

Although she has worked with a number of prestigious artists so far, Sophie still has plans to collaborate with many other people.

She added: "The list of people I'd like to work with is long, but I will try to be quick, I'd love to work with Massive Attack, James Morrison, Morcheeba, Elton John, Dionne Warwick, Stevie Wonder obviously.

"People I'd love to work with who are no longer alive are probably classical composers such as Chopin, Freddie Mercury, some Jazz legends, of course Michael Jackson."

Sophie's 'What Did I Do' EP is out now.