One Direction have told their support act to "have fun".

Up-and-coming singer Camryn is currently on the road with the 'Kiss You' hitmakers for their European tour - which makes a gruelling 63 stops in over the next two months - and the 13-year-old vocalist enjoys the group's fresh approach to performing live on stage.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, Camryn gushed: "One Direction just said to have fun! And y'know by watching their show... I mean, they're One Direction so it's not like they have to do much to make the crowd just go crazy.

"Just watching things like how they mess with each other and they are just so funny and have so much fun, that's something I definitely take note of, because if you're not having fun then what's the point?"

Camryn finds it hard to believe she is supporting the British heartthrobs for a second time, having previously joined them on their 'Up All Night Tour' of the US last summer.

She thinks the reason she's been called back is due to her laid back approach.

She continued: "When I got the first tour it was a huge shock - I wasn't aware I was even to do it, so that was good. But we kind of just made it through, kind of just went in, did our job and left.

"It wasn't like we were hassling them for anything and that was really important, like that was one of the reasons why they asked us back, because we were so... not nosey - just kinda do our own thing."

Camryn's new single 'Now Or Never' is out on March 17

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