The brand new single from Gareth Gates - Released 9th April 2007 It has been over three years since Gareth Gates last had a single in the charts. It says something about the level of his previous success (having sold a staggering 3.5 million records in just two years) that its chart position – Number 4 – was perceived as a disappointment. It was seen as the beginning of the end for one of the most recognised faces in pop and left Gareth unsigned. From the outside, it looked like it was all over. It wasn’t.In fact, Gareth was out of the public eye reveling in this new-found musical freedom and working hard on his next album, ‘Pictures of the Other Side’. Having stepped off the pop treadmill, he finally found the time and the space to grow up. And now, the undeniably talented and altogether more grown up Gareth releases ‘Changes’, his cracking first single, on April 9th.‘Changes’ was co-written by Gareth, who worked closely with collaborators including Sacha Skarbek (James Blunt) and Martin Terefe (James Morrison, KT Tunstall). This track is an honest lyrical account of his life over the past three years, good and bad and carries a sonic depth and truthfulness which will catch the attention of those who might never have expected to enjoy a Gareth Gates record. “I know some people might just hear my name and throw the CD out of the nearest window, but I hope they give it a chance and judge it on hearing it, not on pre-conceptions,” he said.‘Changes’ has all the hallmarks of a classic, future standard – the flexible vocal range and solid melody will stand Gareth apart from the average sugary toned pop star.

Gareth said, “The song is about how the people I spend time with have changed me as a person, sometimes in a good way, sometimes not, and it’s about how my actions affect the people who are around me – again, sometimes positively and at other times negatively.

I’m keen to see the public’s reaction to it. I’m really proud of ‘Changes’ and of the album as a whole”.

Gareth’s new music makes for an impressive proposition for the UK music charts. ‘Changes’ is just the start of the next chapter of one of the UK’s most promising solo careers. The single is the first of a really strong string of album tracks, of which there are no fillers.

‘Changes’ is released on April 9 through 19/Universal

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