Tim Tyler - Silence

Tim Tyler - Silence

With considerable critical media acclaim afforded to his debut solo album and Radio 2 exposure for his debut single ‘Shooting Star’ at the end of last year, Tom Tyler, releases his highly anticipated follow-up single, ‘Silence’  on 23rd April 2012. 

The title track and second single taken from the album ‘Silence’ features the vocal talents of further Radio 2 favourite and Island Records songstress Marli Harwood. This new version of Silence has been co-produced by Tom and Goldust’s Mike Harwood.

With a striking Sting-esque vocal and a sound that’s highly reminiscent of The Police at their absolute prime, ‘Silence’ showcases Tom’s impressive vocal range and potency, alongside his talent as a lyricist. 

Painting a musical picture this track demonstrates how Tom’s strength and wisdom can deliver a delicate, fragile topic in a way that leaves an indelible mark. Marli’s voice complements Tom’s perfectly and delivers yet further gravitas to the drama of the track. 

With a rich and robust life story behind him, Tom carries an enviable wealth of experience and emotions that only the best of lyricists possess.  He has channeled these experiences into an enviable songwriting and multi instrumental ability, but is as humble and charming an artist as you could ever want to meet.

Tom’s debut album, ‘Silence’, is a beautiful, intricate and wonderfully measured work, both musically and lyrically. Each track traverses a plethora of emotions, experiences and topics with aplomb. 

From the attention grabbing ‘Skyline’ which delivers a distinctive, upbeat cocktail of looping hooks around a compelling vocal narrative, and the delicate folk/rock sound skipping through ‘Home’, to the upbeat melody of, ‘This Life’. 

The single, ‘Silence’ is released on 23rd April through Constant Records.