‘Let It Go’ brings together two of the most potent forces in UK urban music to create an explosive future music single.

Devlin is Dagenham’s 21-year-old lyrical prodigy. A lightening quick flow peppered with one-liners, cathartic street stories and fevered imagery. His fêted debut ‘bud, sweat & beers’ peaked at #5 in the iTunes Chart on its release in November 2010.

‘Let It Go’ is his follow up single to the Top 20 hit ‘Runaway’. With a UK headline tour planned for February and over 18 million Devlin related views on Youtube, the country is discovering the grime scene’s most thoughtful spitter one line, one video view at a time.

Producer and vocalist on this single is 21-year-old Labrinth. In the brave new world where UK hip hop talent is receiving the attention it deserves, Labrinth has emerged as a star producer. He is the man behind Tinie Tempah’s #1 single ‘Pass Out’.

‘Let It Go’ documents a relationship in turbulence. Labrinth weaves together hyperactive guitar parts, internal-organ rumbling sub bass, a half-step snare and a soaring R&B chorus into an addictive whole. Devlin commands the track, sketching the enraged back and forth of a relationship with writerly skill.