Jedward - Victory

Jedward - Victory

After terrible all-covers debut Planet Jedward, the twins are back for their second album.

This time featuring original songs written for the duo, it doesn't mean a lot to say that Victory is just a step above predecessor.

On their debut, which was a glorified karaoke CD, the only interesting moment was a cover of 'Teenage Kicks' opening with the riff from Sex Pistols' 'Pretty Vacant'.

Victory opens with Eurovision track 'Lipstock', one of the better songs on the album.

Although the backing track is solid with a decent beat, it's still a track that grates.

As a pop record, these aren't awful songs, but they just feel painfully cliched.

'Bad Behaviour' could be any band since the mid-90s, but fans of Jedward will lap this up.

Some tracks, like 'My Miss America' could be genuine hits, but the likes of 'DISTortion' do not do the better tracks justice.

Victory seems to be an attempt to market Jedward as semi-credible musicians, but it is unlikely to succeed.

It's an album that, whilst a slight improvement and well-targeted, will struggle to get wider praise.

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  1. by amy scanlon 16th Aug 2011 15:06

    I think that this album is rushed and not particularlly good although jedward fans will come to its defence. The managment have these boys in everything. They market them as clowns and ... Read More

  2. by Sally kensingtion 19th Aug 2011 19:25

    hoewya me name is sally right kensington is me real last name anyway as sally kinsington i have to be honest john and edward are bleedin massive in dubs and this album is bleedin whoppe... Read More