I missed most off Weezers set because I was too busy blagging myself a backstage pass (which you can read about in the Paramore review), but I have to say…. WOW, Teenage Dirtbag… hello??? I did that!

So, last week my friend Mark Forrer and I were talking about the acts playing Leeds when I said that I was looking forward to Weezer because I loved Teenage Dirtbag. Rookie mistake I know, but I was tired and confused and for a second I lost my brain.

Anyway, Mark decided to announce to Twitter "No. RuthHarrison_ Weezer did not sing Teenage Dirtbag" and before long we had Rivers Cuomo and Wheatus Twittering at us about the whole debacle.

Obviously I apologised for my mess up and pointed out that I was just looking forward to hearing Teenage Dirtbag that's all… anyway, I was just sat minding my own business when I heard the intro to Teenage Dirtbag blaring across the site, and my phone started going mental with messages of "You did this!"

Wow, what can I say, Weezer put on a good show, but to have them play the song I'd been looking forward too seeing just blew my mind completely, shame then that they also told RockSound; "Whenever we come to the UK journalists ask us about our song 'Teenage Dirtbag' so we figured we'd just add it to our set," the singer admitted. "It took us a day to learn it and it's our song now, we decided to put it in the set this weekend and we're only going to be doing it when we are in the UK."

Oh well, it was good while it lasted….

FemaleFirst - Ruth Harrison