Dionne Warwick - Now

Dionne Warwick - Now

Artist: Dionne Warwick

Album: Now

Label: H&I Music Productions/Universal Music.


Rating: 3/5

Dionne Warwick release her first Billboard single Don’t Make Me Over fifty years ago and to celebrate the fact she has released her new album Now this week.

The record sees re-record some of her classic Burt Bacharach and Hal David-penned tracks as well as some lesser known tracks.

(There's) Always Something There To Remind Me is the opening song on the album and while it is a great rendition of the well known track there is little in the way of surprises.

There is a deeper tone to Warwick's voice these days and that does bring a certain amount of warmth to these tracks - that was perhaps not on the originals.

Are You There With Another Girl, I Say A Little Prayer and Don't Make Me Over are all on the record and it is great to hear the voice that she has now tackle these well known songs.

There is a polish to all of these tracks but there is also a risk free element to the recordings - which is a real shame because it would have been nice to see her do something a little different.

Artists such as Neil Sedaka returned to some of his hits recently and recorded them acoustically and it would have been great for her to do something like this because it would have put a whole new spin on these tracks.

There is still and effortless feel to Warwick's vocal throughout the album and she still has a voice that is incredibly easy to listen to.

Longstanding fans of the music icon will be glad to see her back but Now does very little to win over a new generation of fans.

Dionne Warwick - Now is out now

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